Brainsong: No Shushing Events 2016
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Sign up now for JUNE 18 Interactive Concert featuring Boulder Ballet‘s professional dancers and Flatirons Community Orchestra musicians! We are also partnering with Boulder Library to add more dancing! This is a free event, but space is limited, so sign up now, here is the link to save your spot:

To view the sign up, go to:    

A heartfelt thank you to: PROJECT YES and EXPAND — City of Boulder Therapeutic Rec Dept. and Boulder Library for its sponsorship of this event! And Imagine Behavioral Health Services for its volunteers!

And to: Ben & Jerry’s ice cream, Justin’s Nut Butters and Jax in Lafayette for generous food and drinks!ConeProject YES logoLogo IBHS 300 DPIjaxjustinsCOB_PR Logo small 1library

Julie @ 12:32 pm
Please come join us!
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Julie @ 12:52 pm
Caroling on Pearl Street!
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FYI sign up if you want to join us, space is limited!
Family Caroling on Pearl Street in Boulder
Pure and Simple Joy — Family Memories that Last a Lifetime!
Please join us to sing fun Holiday Songs on Pearl Street on December 19, 2015.
This event is for children and teenagers with disabilities and their families.
Event Sponsored by BrainSong and Supported by Boulder Park and Recreation’s EXPAND Program.
Julie @ 10:51 am
Concert Was Magical!
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Hi, all, here are some photos  …followed by a snippet of some comments from musicians, performers, volunteers and families:


“Thanks for having me play music for such a wonderful event! It was great to see the kids get up and play the vibraphone and make music. 

 I think it was a big hit and the rec center seemed to be a much better location than I think Chautauqua would have been.  Kudos to you and all your volunteers!!! “
Thanks again, 
Me and my daughter like the event very much and we like the Rec center better. With the nice facilities, wonderful programs and excellent organizers/volunteers, me and my daughter could really enjoy the musics and games. I did not have to worry that my daughter was running around. No sun burns either :)
I took a lots of beautiful pictures. My daughter’s most favorite part is the bubbles and Fairies. Thank you very much for the great event!
Lingling Liu 
…congratulations on a fantastic event! As much as I love Chautauqua, the community center worked even better. Such a beautiful room, easy loading, plenty of parking-and fun kids! Doesn’t get any better than that!!!
As a performer, it is an amazing feeling to make a real connection with your audience. I loved that the kids were open to trying some new things. And I have to say, the parents were so cute-they all took a turn playing the harp too!
Thanks for including me in this event. Pam Eldridge, harp
This is Edna ( the one with the 4 kiddos and blue shirt lol) Jonathan – in the vibraphone in green shirt – Daniel bouncing all over the place Samantha in the Orange dress got home and took a shower I think she almost turned into the bubble fairy lol – and Chloee the one in the colorful dress she loved every moment of it. 

I LOVED IT!!! Jonathan told his therapist all about it and had to call grampa to tell him he played the drums 
Everyone was so helpful so happy and understanding thank you thank you 
HI Julie, as a volunteer (and my other volunteer friends would probably agree with me), the event was wonderful. We were so busy and loved it! Some events I’ve volunteered at, I just stood around because there was nothing to help with, but at the Brainsong event, we felt needed and so appreciated. You and those who have helped you, have done an amazing job coordinating and leading the event. 
One thing I would maybe recommend is to arrange for the volunteers (who are qualified to help), to assist with monitoring the children so that the parents can take a break, get food, socialize etc. IBHS would be more than happy to help. I was super excited to hang out with Sarah for a bit :) Thanks for everything and letting us help! Ania
Thank you for organizing such a great event and for including me!
Best regards,
We didn’t take in the early part of the day, arriving around 2 PM.  It was pleasant atmosphere and a good opportunity for parents to meet and swap info while kids had fun.  My daughter at 26 was older than most, but enjoyed the dance company and seeing her friends — and the food!. What ever more publicity you do on event needs to give proper recognition to EXPAND role in hosting at EBRC, and a very appreciative thank you to Lori Goldman in particular.

Boulder, CO
The event was incredible.  And magical is the perfect way to describe the joy I saw on everyone’s face – young and old.  Lizzy is still talking about it!
The EBCC was the perfect venue. 
Let’s do it again!  I would love to help if you need me and I would love to get together!
Enjoy the day!
Julie @ 4:39 pm
New Location for Our Liberation Concert this Sunday!!!
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We have moved the concert to a new location: (AND HAVE 75 MORE SPOTS TO FILL NOW!)

East Boulder Community Center

Everything else stays the same!! Still see your smiling faces this Sunday, July 19, 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

  • Please enter through the open doors to the right of the main entrance, marked as the Senior Center. We will be in the main ballroom, which is a beautiful super large space, with lots of windows and an open door patio with amazing views! So plenty of light and fresh air — and your kids can come and go as needed.
  •  We also have the flexibility to go outdoors if needed, and there is an awesome playground there, too!

Nothing else has changed! I am so sorry to do this last minute, but we had to do this for several reasons. On the positive side, no fighting with hikers and tourists for parking, woohoo! And lots of handicapped spots!

I can’t wait!! … Julie

Anyone living with disabilities can contact me to take one of 75 new open spots!! 720-255-9831 or [email protected]

… Also FYI, if you want to make it a bigger day, their kid “leisure” pool at the rec center down the hall is open Sunday from 9 a.m. to 7:30 p.m. FYI, it’s pretty cool, Adults for swim are $7/kids ages 3-18 are $4.50. :) Nice hot tub.

Julie @ 7:46 pm
We Are Officially Full!
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Hi everyone, I am so happy, and sad to say for new families, that we are officially at capacity for Brainsong: the Liberation Concert! We are forced to limit to 100 per park permit. And we only have enough food for 100. But… I am hoping this is not the last concert, as we have musicians who were out of town and really want to do this next summer — so please think of us again!

To our wonderful donors and sponsors: We will make a poster with logos to post on the tents on the day of the event! We will share your generosity then! We can’t post it around town now, because we are already full! Wow!

Let me put them up here, actually!

awesome_boulder_logoCOB_PR Logo small 1postnet


Colorado Bubblers-001 39FE1765-ACC3-4828-806B-B4B88623A105[49] 1 ACL logo 2747blue&5797sage 20141014 J&P Logo Airborne Dance logo BTR_Logo_Vertical CCD logo black Logo IBHS 300 DPI 1eldoradoProject YES logojaxsimply music

Julie @ 7:21 pm
To Register for Our Liberation Concert:
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Hello! And Welcome! To Register for Our Liberation Concert (we still have about 20 spots left), simply:

Send me your:

Name, address, phone, email, number attending, how you heard of us

To: Me, Julie Marshall, text or call 720-255-9831 or: [email protected]

I can’t wait to meet you!

The Denver Post Article, Our Liberation Concert!, June 21, 2105: Please see Mother of autistic girl organizes concert open to all on Page 3B of Sunday, June 21, 2015 issue of The Denver Post or Post article Father’s Day


I just read with glee the article in the Denver Post about the upcoming interactive concert for and with children with autism. We would love to register our daughter and ourselves…
Raising a now 24 year old daughter through the early years of the meteoric rise in ASD, we have experienced the discrimination that, in the early years, was born of ignorance, but is now a result, I believe, of selfishness. Being recipients of the stink eye through many Barney performances, circuses, and other events, it warms my heart to see that Holly may have the opportunity to joyfully and without recrimation experience music.

Please let us know how to register, or please accept this as our registration for 3.
Jim, Sherry, and Holly of Centennial

Again, thanks for making my Father’s Day morning.


How my heart leapt for joy when I saw the info for your libration concert. I love, love, LOVE everything about it. In fact, the requirements of “no compliance, no shushing, etc.” brought tears to me eyes- how did you no that’s how my 8 year old daughter has to experience the world. What an awesome day to live as “liberated individuals!”

We cannot wait to attend and will be looking for the registration to open soon!!

Thank you for creating such a wonderful day for some very special people!

Jen of Arvada

Thank you so much and we are so looking  forward to it. My boys love music.

Maria of Thornton

Julie @ 3:22 pm
Denver Post and Daily Camera OPEDs Today on Liberation Concert!
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Liberation Concert OPED Daily Camera, May 31, 2015

Denver Post OPED Liberation Concert, May 31, 2015

Julie @ 1:45 pm
Our Liberation Concert July 19!
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jeff and paigesarah brainsongrick wdrumsmore danceGetAttachment (2)

Interactive Performing Arts Event for Kids
And Families Living with Disabilities

Sponsors: Awesome Boulder Foundation and Association for Community Living (ACL). Volunteers: ACL, EXPAND – City of Boulder; Imagine Behavioral Health Services (IBHS); Project Yes. Donating partners: Noodles & Co.; Boulder Tent Rentals, JAX Mercantile, Costco, Eldorado Springs Water

Chautauqua Green
Under the Tent
9th and Baseline Road
Boulder 80302
10 a.m.
Pam Eldridge
11 a.m.
Music & Stories
Jeff & Paige
Lunch by Noodles & Co. 12:30
Drumming Circle Nancy Braun-Curnes 1:30 p.m.
Rick Weingarten
2:30 p.m.
Dance in the grass
Colorado Conservatory of Dance
3:30 p.m.
Gymnastics & Dance Airborne Gymnastics

Giant Bubbles & Song Columbine & Company



Absolutely NO:
1. compliance
2. shushing
3. explaining
4. apologizing
5. Judging
And YES to:
1. moving
2. making noise
3. dancing
4. expressing joy — because Awesome-ism doesn’t follow the rules
Registration required:

send me your name, address, email, phone, number attending and how you heard of us!

To: Julie Marshall

[email protected]
Call 720-255-9831 (or text)

Julie @ 5:18 pm
Matt Shugert introduced the clarinet and saxophone this week!
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Annalynn feels the vibe

Hello Everybody! Matthew Shugert, our own Ryan Elementary School student teacher came last week to show our kiddos the clarinet and saxophone. They felt the instrument’s sound in their eyes, on their hands and in their hearts (hope that’s not too cheesy). He was so terrific. They were really into it. Lots of smiles all around, singing and dancing. PS I am trying to upload video shortly on the MEDIA page. Please check back. Julie

Julie @ 4:20 pm