We have had musicians every week since February this year! It has been so exciting each time just to watch the kids interact with the musicians, their instruments and the music.

A few hightlights come to mind: The boys played “air flute” and did some break dancing on their own; most weeks the kids have a buddy come in from the typical classroom and it is such a delight to watch them hug one another and dance, and sing. These connections are priceless.

A good example of my daughter, Sarah: When the cellist played her favorite Ode to Joy by Beethoven, at first Sarah was flapping her arms and didn’t want to sit down, but when the tune started she was wide-eyed and sat down, and relaxed in my lap. She watched in wide-eyed wonder to the music and her body swayed and bounced to the ryhthm. She was so happy! It’s not a goal for our kids to take a nap, but Sarah actually fell asleep in my lap!

I will try my best to post weekly updates here of each weekday of music in BrainSong! Forgive me if i miss a week, i am a busy mom shuffling off to therapies! All best, Julie Marshall

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