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Once again, Elena had a wonderful time dancing to live music. 
Thank you so much.
When it was over, she cried and cried on the way home in the car. 
And the next day, she wanted to go back. 
We so appreciate your putting together these events for our children. 
Elena really liked getting to play the harp and the xylophone also.
Mel Persion

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I think your ‘No Shushing Concert’ was a big hit! You provided an opportunity for kiddos with or without disabilities a time to enjoy either camp-loving-upbeat-educational music by Jeff and Paige or  classical violin music by [I forgot that sweet boy’s name] in an environment where they are allowed to move to the music the way their bodies say is okay, or walk out of the concert if the music is too intense, or a time to sit and listen with their neighbors. Boulder County is lucky to have such a passionate, proactive, creative mother to host such special treats for our children. Thank you!


Carly Godzdanker, MS, OTR/L

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