Julie,  My daughter, Natalya, and I had a fantastic time on Sunday!  We attended an event at the library over a year ago and wanted to participate again.  Natalya immediately recognized Benjamin from the library event.  It was a thrill for her to sit so close and hear him play.     Natalya has a new vocabulary word… “conductor”.   What a great idea to let the kids learn hands-on how to conduct!  I felt the symphony members played as if they were in front of an elite audience dressed in their finest.   They were professional and happy.   I am grateful they spent their Sunday engaging with this beautiful group of families.  Natalya liked trying the bass.  Ah, the dancers!  My favorite moment was at the end during the open dance.  I saw a dancer pick up a young girl and twirl her around.  I told everyone about it at work Monday.   Outstanding!  My daughter liked being so close the dancers.  At a typical event we are usually far away.  She had a permanent grin on her face because we were so close.  Thank you again for putting this event together.  It did not realize how important music and dance was to my daughter until I saw her face at the Sunday event.   Grateful. Sincerely, Amy Miller 


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