Hi, all, here are some photos  …followed by a snippet of some comments from musicians, performers, volunteers and families:


“Thanks for having me play music for such a wonderful event! It was great to see the kids get up and play the vibraphone and make music. 

 I think it was a big hit and the rec center seemed to be a much better location than I think Chautauqua would have been.  Kudos to you and all your volunteers!!! “
Thanks again, 
Me and my daughter like the event very much and we like the Rec center better. With the nice facilities, wonderful programs and excellent organizers/volunteers, me and my daughter could really enjoy the musics and games. I did not have to worry that my daughter was running around. No sun burns either 🙂
I took a lots of beautiful pictures. My daughter’s most favorite part is the bubbles and Fairies. Thank you very much for the great event!
Lingling Liu 
…congratulations on a fantastic event! As much as I love Chautauqua, the community center worked even better. Such a beautiful room, easy loading, plenty of parking-and fun kids! Doesn’t get any better than that!!!
As a performer, it is an amazing feeling to make a real connection with your audience. I loved that the kids were open to trying some new things. And I have to say, the parents were so cute-they all took a turn playing the harp too!
Thanks for including me in this event. Pam Eldridge, harp

This is Edna ( the one with the 4 kiddos and blue shirt lol) Jonathan – in the vibraphone in green shirt – Daniel bouncing all over the place Samantha in the Orange dress got home and took a shower I think she almost turned into the bubble fairy lol – and Chloee the one in the colorful dress she loved every moment of it. 

I LOVED IT!!! Jonathan told his therapist all about it and had to call grampa to tell him he played the drums 
Everyone was so helpful so happy and understanding thank you thank you 
HI Julie, as a volunteer (and my other volunteer friends would probably agree with me), the event was wonderful. We were so busy and loved it! Some events I’ve volunteered at, I just stood around because there was nothing to help with, but at the Brainsong event, we felt needed and so appreciated. You and those who have helped you, have done an amazing job coordinating and leading the event. 
One thing I would maybe recommend is to arrange for the volunteers (who are qualified to help), to assist with monitoring the children so that the parents can take a break, get food, socialize etc. IBHS would be more than happy to help. I was super excited to hang out with Sarah for a bit 🙂 Thanks for everything and letting us help! Ania
Thank you for organizing such a great event and for including me!
Best regards,

We didn’t take in the early part of the day, arriving around 2 PM.  It was pleasant atmosphere and a good opportunity for parents to meet and swap info while kids had fun.  My daughter at 26 was older than most, but enjoyed the dance company and seeing her friends — and the food!. What ever more publicity you do on event needs to give proper recognition to EXPAND role in hosting at EBRC, and a very appreciative thank you to Lori Goldman in particular.

Boulder, CO
The event was incredible.  And magical is the perfect way to describe the joy I saw on everyone’s face – young and old.  Lizzy is still talking about it!
The EBCC was the perfect venue. 
Let’s do it again!  I would love to help if you need me and I would love to get together!
Enjoy the day!

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