Thank you so much to all the families who came and celebrated together! So many magical moments! Here are some photos — and I wanted to send a quick extra thank you to Noodles & Co as our local business that donated lunch for 175 people!!! Please tell them you appreciate their support of inclusion in the community and access to the arts for all!

IMG_1817 IMG_1820 IMG_1829


You can definitely use Sophia and my name.  We totally enjoyed the No Shushing event.  It was well organized. There were 2 stages so one act could be performing while the next was setting up.  This worked very well for folks with short attention spans.  All the performers were entertaining and interesting.  The food was healthy and plentiful and the snacks rolling out when they did along the way kept energy levels high.
Thank you for setting this up!

IMG_1837 IMG_1854 IMG_1859

As always the kids were a blast! It was fun to play duets with Jazzy- she has worked hard on her violin and I was glad she could share that.
And, really, does it get any better than getting kisses on the back while you are performing! That is a career highlight for me!
Thanks for including me,

IMG_1862 IMG_1865 IMG_1870 IMG_1874 IMG_1885 IMG_1902 IMG_1910 IMG_1924

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